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Louis (interviewer); Hester (interviewer); Abdelaziz (speaker); Adil (speaker); Theo (interviewer). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_9078_1
Louis (interviewer); Hester (interviewer); Abdelaziz (speaker); Adil (speaker); Theo (interviewer). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_9076_D
Adil (speaker); Louis (interviewer); Abdelaziz (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_8E15_3
Hester (interviewer); Karima (consultant); Samya (consultant); Amal (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_8E10_9
Samira (interviewer); Hind (interviewer); Saida (interviewer); Jamila (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_84E4_9
Hester (interviewer); Noureddine (consultant); Louis Boumans (annotator); Louis Boumans (interviewer); Louis Boumans (compiler); Anouar (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_84E1_8
Louis Boumans (annotator); Louis Boumans (interviewer); Louis Boumans (compiler); Soufyan (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_84DC_7
Louis Boumans (annotator); Louis Boumans (interviewer); Louis Boumans (compiler); Nasser (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_84D9_2
Louis Boumans (annotator); Louis Boumans (interviewer); Louis Boumans (compiler); Naima (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_84D6_9
Louis Boumans (annotator); Louis Boumans (interviewer); Louis Boumans (compiler); Hayat (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_84D4_E
Louis (compiler); Abder (interviewer); Louis Boumans (annotator); Fouad (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_84D2_A
Louis Boumans (interviewer); Abdelilah (speaker); Louis Boumans (compiler); Fouad (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_84D0_0
Mixed group of children (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_8248_6
Theo (interviewer); Marie (interviewer); Berry (speaker); Abdel (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_8245_8
Louis Boumans (annotator); Louis Boumans (interviewer); Louis Boumans (compiler); Jamal (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_70C2_C
Louis Boumans (annotator); Louis Boumans (interviewer); Louis Boumans (compiler); Jalil (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0005_70C0_3
Rooselaar (compiler); Fadwa (consultant); Mother (speaker); Nanjla (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_DC48_E
Rooselaar (compiler); Btissame (consultant); Anita (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_DC47_7
Rooselaar (compiler); Btissame (consultant); Anita (speaker); Samira (researcher). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_DC46_5
Rooselaar (compiler); Btissame (consultant); Lieneke (speaker); Anita (speaker); Ikram; Hafida (researcher). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_DC45_B
Rooselaar (compiler); Ilham (speaker); Mother (speaker); Amina (speaker); Fatima (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_DC43_8
Louis (interviewer); Nadia (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_D55D_0
Louis (interviewer); Abder (interviewer). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_D558_F
Louis (interviewer); Abdel I (speaker); Yousef B (speaker). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_D47A_9
Abder (annotator); Abder (compiler); Louis Boumans (annotator); Sabah (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_93BF_9
Abder (annotator); Abder (compiler); Louis Boumans (annotator); Housnia (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_93BD_9
Abder (annotator); Abder (compiler); Louis Boumans (annotator); Hind (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_93BB_6
Abder (annotator); Abder (compiler); Louis Boumans (annotator); Fatiha (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_93B9_A
Louis (interviewer); Kadisja (speaker); Sundus (speaker); Hester (interviewer). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0004_90A4_3
Abder (compiler); Abder (annotator); Louis Boumans (annotator); Aziz (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4CB5_1
Louis Boumans (annotator); Abder (compiler); Abder (annotator); Bouchra (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4CB3_7
Abder (annotator); Abder (compiler); Louis Boumans (annotator); Driss (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4CB1_3
Abder (annotator); Louis Boumans (annotator); Abder (compiler); Hayat (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4CAF_B
Louis Boumans (annotator); Abder (compiler); Abder (annotator); Kamar (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4CA9_2
Abder (annotator); Abder (compiler); Louis Boumans (annotator); Mohamed (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4CA7_1
Abder (annotator); Abder (compiler); Louis Boumans (annotator); Mohamed (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4CA5_9
Louis Boumans (annotator); Abder (compiler); Abder (annotator); Mourad (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4CA3_3
Louis Boumans (annotator); Abder (compiler); Abder (annotator); Rachid (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C9F_A
Abder (compiler); Abder (annotator); Louis Boumans (annotator); Abdelkader (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C9B_2
Louis Boumans (annotator); Samir (recorder); Nortier (compiler); Samir (consultant); Abdelkrim (consultant); Naoual (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C4A_F
Samir (recorder); Samir (consultant); Nortier (compiler); Louis Boumans (annotator); Fatiha (consultant); Abdelkrim (consultant); Younes (consultant); Naoual (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C42_F
Nortier (compiler); Samir (compiler); Maryam (consultant); Maryam (recorder); Hayat (consultant); Louis Boumans (annotator). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C3E_1
Nortier (compiler); Samir (consultant); Samir (recorder); Louis Boumans (annotator); Zineb (consultant); Maryam (consultant); Warda (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C38_7
Nortier (compiler); Samir (consultant); Samir (recorder); Najib (consultant); Hocine (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C34_F
Nortier (compiler); Samir (consultant); Samir (recorder); Laila (consultant); Fatima (consultant); Zineb (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C2E_F
Nortier (compiler); Samir (consultant); Samir (recorder); Abdellah (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C2A_8
Nortier (compiler); Samir (consultant); Samir (recorder); Mimoun (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C26_F
Nortier (compiler); Samir (consultant); Samir (recorder); Najib (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C21_C
Mohamed (consultant); Nortier (compiler); Samir (consultant); Samir (recorder); Mustafa (consultant); Rachid (consultant); Aziz (consultant). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C1D_7
Samir (consultant); Nortier (compiler); Samir (recorder); Mustafa (consultant); Louis Boumans (annotator). n.d. DBD.
ID: www_mpi_nl_lat_1839_00_0000_0000_0001_4C17_3
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