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Scragg, D. G. 1974. Mont Follick series ; v. 3.
Dewey, Godfrey, 1887-. 1970. New York : Teachers College Press.
Pike, Kenneth L. (editor). 1977. University of Michigan Papers in Linguistics.
Glover, Warren W. (editor); Yadava, Yogendra P. (editor). 1999. Royal Nepal Academy.
Haas, Mary R. 1933. California Language Archive.
Nzogi, Richard Kijjali. 2005. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Pittman, Richard S. (compiler). c.1957 - c.1961. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Jones, Larry B. 1980. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Siegel, Dorothy. 1979. Outstanding dissertations in linguistics.
Marlett, Stephen A. 1975. Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota Session.
Jones, Linda K. 1977. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Jones, Linda K. 1977. Edward Sapir Monograph Series in Language, Culture, and Cognition.
Thomas, David D. 1969. Foundations of Language.
Hall, Robert Anderson, 1911-. 1961. Philadelphia : Chilton Co., Book Division.
Bugarski, Ranko. 1968. Amsterdam : North-Holland.
Franklin, Benjamin. 1768. London.
Edgerton, William F. 1941. Baltimore : Waverly.
Hwang, Shin Ja J. 1997. The Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States.
McKaughan, Howard P. 1960. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Fries, Charles C. (Charles Carpenter), 1887-1967. 1965. Washington, DC : National educational association, Elementary instruction service.
Bridgeman, Loraine I. 1965. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Reiman, Patricia W. 1994. UTA Working Papers in Linguistics.
Pike, Kenneth L. 1973. Language.
Nicolle, Steve. 2009. English Text Construction.
Roberts, John R. 2011. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Laubach, Frank Charles, 1884-1970. 1966. Syracuse, N.Y.
Frith, Uta. 1980. London ; New York : Academic Press.
Pike, Eunice V. 1981-09. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Owens, H. L. 1935. Washington, D.C. : Washington College Press.
Barchudarov, L. S. 1975. Moscow : Vysshaya Shkola.
Trager, George L. (George Leonard), 1906-. 1951. Studies in linguistics. Occasional papers ; 3.
Landweer, M. Lynn. 2011. University of Arizona Press.
Longacre, Robert E. 1968. Linguistics.
Watson, Richard L. 2001. Notes on Linguistics.
Becker, Alton L. 1974. North-Holland Linguistic Series.
Franklin, Karl J. 1969. Linguistics.
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