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Costello, Nancy A. 1998. Mon-Khmer Studies.
Thomas, David D. 1976. Oceanic Linguistics.
Costello, Nancy A. 1966. Mon-Khmer Studies.
Coombs, Heidi. 1988. Información de Campo [Peru].
Wise, Mary Ruth. 2002. Indigenous languages of Latin America (ILLA).
Banker, Elizabeth. 1964. Mon-Khmer Studies.
Ezard, Bryan. 1992. Pacific Linguistics A.
Kroeger, Paul R. 1990. Borneo Research Council.
Tuggy, David H. 1989. Linguistic Agency, University of Duisberg.
Thomas, Dorothy M. 1969. Mon-Khmer Studies.
Taylor, Carolyn. 1986. Journal of West African Languages.
Toliver, Ralph. 1989. Documento de Trabajo (SIL Peru).
Coombs, Heidi. 2008. Serie Lingüística Peruana.
Pike, Kenneth L. 1961. Language.
Weber, David J. 1993. Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota Session.
Wares, Alan C. 1956. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Frantz, Chester I. 1962. Oceania Linguistic Monographs.
Smith, Kenneth D. 1969. Mon-Khmer Studies.
Gradin, Dwight. 1976. Mon-Khmer Studies.
You Sey. 1976. Mon-Khmer Studies.
Levinsohn, Stephen H. 1970. Anthropological Linguistics.
Toedter, Christa. 2008. Serie Lingüística Peruana.
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