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Jarvis, David. 1974. Notes on Literacy.
Hitchner, Ruth. 1947. Boletín Indigenista.
Baer, Phillip; Merrifield, William R. 1971. SIL International Publications in Linguistics 33.
Moser, Mary B. 1970. Kiva.
Baer, Phillip; Merrifield, William R. 1969. América Indígena.
Cowan, Florence H.; Pike, Eunice V. 1959. Missiology.
Ford, Stanley L. 1948. Boletín Indigenista.
Ford, Stanley L. 1945. Boletín Indigenista.
Gerdel, Florence L. 1952. Boletín Indigenista.
Cowan, George M. 1953. Yan.
Pike, Kenneth L. 1986. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.
Waterhouse, Viola G. 1949. International Journal of American Linguistics.
Nellis, Jane G. 1947. International Journal of American Linguistics.
Grimes, Joseph E. 1955. Crónicas de la Asociación Médica de Nayarit.
Nida, Eugene A. 1937. Investigaciones Lingüísticas.
Jenkins, Joyce. 1946. América Indígena.
Williams, Ann F. 1948. Boletín Indigenista.
Aulie, H. Wilbur. 1979. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Willett, Elizabeth R. 1996. Journal of the Southwest.
Pike, Eunice V. 1980. Missiology.
Russell, James E. 1947. América Indígena.
Key, Harold. 1954. Archivos Nahuas.
Pike, Kenneth L. 1980. Publications in Ethnography 10.
Bower, Bethel. 1946. American Anthropologist.
Weathers, Kenneth. 1946. América Indígena.
Miller, Walter S. 1952. Tlalocan.
Pike, Eunice V. 1960. Missiology.
Moser, Mary B. 1988. Journal of the Southwest.
Law, Howard W. 1960. Student Papers in Anthropology.
Erickson de Hollenbach, Elena; Hollenbach F., Fernando. 2000. Instituto Lingüístico de Verano, A.C.
McIntosh, John B. 1949. Tlalocan.
Waterhouse, Viola G. 1967. University of Texas.
Pickett, Velma B. 1967. University of Texas.
Cowan, George M. 1954. América Indígena.
Bowen, Thomas; Moser, Mary B. 1995. G. K. Hall.
Overholt, Edward. 1961. Instituto Lingüístico de Verano.
Robinson, Dow F. 1963. Hartford Studies in Linguistics.
Moser, Edward. February 1963. Kiva.
Hollenbach, Barbara E. 1973. Instituto Lingüístico de Verano.
Grimes, Joseph E.; Hinton, Thomas B. 1967. University of Texas.
Grimes, Joseph E. 1994. Notes on Anthropology.
Moser, Edward. 1976. SIL Language and Culture Archives.
Miller, Walter S. 1937. Investigaciones Lingüísticas.
Pike, Eunice V. 1967. University of Texas.
Hollenbach, Barbara E. 1973. América Indígena.
Butler, Inez M.; Earl, Katherine; Nellis, David. 1986. NAOS: Notes and Materials for a Linguistic Study of the Sacred.
Pike, Eunice V. 1937. Boletín Indigenista.
Moser, Edward; White, Richard S. 1968. Kiva.
Pittman, Catherine. 1951. Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Middle American Cultural Anthropology.
Hoogshagen, Searle. 1964. Missiology.
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