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Elson, Benjamin. 1947. WALS Online RefDB.
Miller, B. V. 1953. Izdatel'stvo Akademii Nauk SSSR.
Arifin, Syamsir. 1985. Pusat Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Bahasa.
Thompson, Laurence C.; Thompson, M. Terry; Efrat, Barbara S. 1974. University of Chicago Press.
McKaughan, Howard; Marks, Doreen. 1973. The Languages of the Eastern Family of the East New Guinea Highland Stock.
Mathiassen, Terie. 1996. Slavica Publisers.
Heath, Jeffrey. 2008. Mouton.
Allan, Robin; Holmes, Philip; Lundskær-Nielsen, Tom. 1995. Routledge.
Rehg, Kenneth. 1984. Studies in Micronesian Linguistics.
Kindell, G. 1972. Mouton.
Bertinetto, P. M. 1981. Academia della Crusca.
Anderson, E. Richard; Roque, Hilario Concepción. 1983. Institúto Lingüístico de Verano.
Wolfart, H. Christoph. 1973. American Philosophical Society.
Stennes, Leslie H. 1961. Hartford Seminary Foundation.
Robinson, Dow Frederick. 1966. University of Oklahoma.
Chappell, Hilary. 1994. Semantic and lexical universals.
Casad, Eugene H. 1985. Summer Institute of Linguistics.
Gossner, Jan David. 1994. WALS Online RefDB.
Das Gupta, Kamalesh. 1963. North-East Frontier Agency.
Hill, Deborah. 1992. WALS Online RefDB.
Crowley, Terry. 2002. The Oceanic Languages.
Peeke, M. Catherine. 1991. Instituto Lingüístico de Verano.
Bell, Jeanie; Seed, Amanda. 1994. Jeanie Bell.
Subrahmanyam, P. S. 1974. Annamalai University, Department of Linguistics.
Boeschoten, Hendrik. 1998. The Turkic Languages.
Prost, Gilbert R. 1967. Bolivian Indian Grammars 1.
Taljaard, P. C.; Bosch, S. E. 1988. J. L. van Schaik.
Zakiev, M. Z. 1966. Jazyki narodov SSSR. Volume 2: Tjurkskie jazyki.
Kononov, A. N. 1960. Izdatel'stvo AN SSSR.
Welmers, William E. 1973. University of California Press.
Smith, Pam. 1977. Miscellaneous Papers in Papua New Guinea Linguistics.
Geurtjens, Henricus. 1933. A.C. Nix & Co.
Holmer, Nils M. 1949. WALS Online RefDB.
Merrifield, William R. 1968. Museo Nacional de Antropología.
Odé, Cecilia. 2002. Languages of the Eastern Bird's Head.
Hudak, Thomas John. 1991. Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Michigan.
Lee, H. S. 1991. WALS Online RefDB.
Pulkina, I. M. 1978. Russian Language Publications.
Bendor-Samuel, Donna Skitch; Cressman, Esther. 1973. Institute of Linguistics, Zaria and Centre for the Study of Nigerian Languages.
Verheijen, Jilis A. J. 1986. Australian National University.
Wurm, Stephen A. 1981. WALS Online RefDB.
Price, E. W. 1947. s.n.
Oxotina, N. V. 1961. Nauka.
Morgan, Daniel Ray. 1996. WALS Online RefDB.
Orlovskaja, M. N. 1961. Izdatel'stvo vostochnoj literatury.
Chamoreau, Claudine. 1998. Systèmes verbaux.
Shakhmayev, Sergey. 1994. Hippocrene Books.
Jonker, J. C. G. 1915. E. J. Brill.
Wolfart, H. Christoph; Ahenakew, Freda. 1998. Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics.
Beffa, Marie-Lise. 1982. WALS Online RefDB.
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