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O10_shx_discourse -- O10_shx_discourse -- She
O10_shx_discourse -- O10_shx_discourse -- She
Leibo (speaker)
Lan Hancheng (speaker)
Junjun Fan
Jinan University of China
This is a folklore in She community, narrated by an old man, named Leibo, at the age of 82 years old. The story tells as follows: a poor youth fellow cut firewoods for living. A local landlord wanted to make his daughter to marry to a man from rich family. But his daughter was not a girl who could bring luck to any family according to her Eight-character horoscope. And she was forced to leave her home. Her mother gave her a treasure stone before her leaving. The girl felt hopeless and wanted to drown herself into the river. A poor young firewoodcutter, named as Handan, stopped her. The girl'd like to marry to him. They both didn't know the value of the stone. The fellow sold the stone for buying food. Fortunately the young fellow discovered that there were so many stones in the river he often waded across. They became very rich. With the help of the Fairies, they built a large house and lived a good life. There are few person in She villages who can recall the traditional stories. This old narrater Leibo is not able to organize the story plot in a complete and fluent She speech. He needs some hints. During the narration, another She member is named as Lan Hancheng, who sometimes gives a word hint.
The She-language (ISO-439-3: shx) is a minority language spoken in a few villages within he Luofu Mountains (23°13'N,114°02'E) and the Lianhua Mountains (23°03'N,115°10'E) in southern China. It has about 1500 speakers (2010). Many teenagers are switching to the Chinese dialect Hakka, and are not fluent in She, having forgotten most of the words and expressions of Traditional Environment Knowledge (TEK), which are now recalled only by some elderly men. The collection consists of comprehensive documentation of the two She dialects, Luofo and Lianhua, including descriptions of their phonological system, morpheme-syllables, a large set of words and expressions, syntactic sampling sentences, everyday sentences, and large varieties of discourses. There is a special focus on the vocabulary and discourse in the context of TEK. All digital data can be used for language teaching, linguistic research and other to aims.
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Archive: Endangered Languages Archive
Online: Yes
Subject language: She
Language family: Hmong-Mien
Geographic region: Asia
Contributor: Lan Hancheng
Contributor: Leibo
Publisher: Jinan University of China
Publisher: Junjun Fan
Title: O10_shx_discourse -- O10_shx_discourse -- She
Other coverage: China
Other date: 2014-01-19
Other format: video/mp4
Other subject: Discourse
Other subject: She
Other type: Video