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Nga buka 'atha Sakaraea = Book of Zechariah
Nga buka 'atha Sakaraea = Book of Zechariah
Fo'ondo, North Malaita, Solomon Islands : Fo'ondo Book House
Text in To'abaita
Genre: Texts
Content language:
Linguistic type:
Primary text
Linguistic field:
Language documentation
DCMI type:
LCSH subject:
To'abaita language--Texts
Other date:
Other subject:
To'abaita language
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Online: Yes
Online: No
Subject language: To'abaita
Subject language: Lau
Subject language: 'Are'are
Subject language: Babatana
Subject language: Baelelea
Language family: Austronesian
Language family: Eastern Malayo-Polynesian
Language family: Malayo-Polynesian
Language family: Papuan
Language family: Trans-New Guinea
Geographic region: Pacific
Geographic region: Africa
Geographic region: Americas
Geographic region: Asia
Geographic region: Europe
Country: Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Country: Solomon Islands
Country: Papua New Guinea
Country: Afghanistan
Country: American Samoa
Linguistic type: Primary text
Linguistic type: Language description
Linguistic type: Lexicon
Linguistic field: Language documentation
Linguistic field: Syntax
Linguistic field: General linguistics
Linguistic field: Typology
Linguistic field: Semantics
DCMI type: Text
DCMI type: Dataset
DCMI type: Image
DCMI type: Sound
Format: text/html
Format: application/pdf
Format: image/gif
Format: application/zip
Content language: English
Content language: To'abaita
Content language: 'Are'are
Content language: Maori
Content language: Samoan
Date: 1950 - 1999
Date: 1980 - 1989
Date: 2000 and later
Date: 1900 - 1949
Date: 2000 - 2009
Contributor: Arthur Capell
Contributor: Simons, Gary F.
Contributor: Lichtenberk, Frantisek
Contributor: The Long Now Foundation
Contributor: Peter Newton
LCSH subject: To'abaita language--Texts
LCSH subject: Solomon Islands--Languages
LCSH subject: Austronesian languages--Grammar
LCSH subject: Austronesian languages--Morphology
LCSH subject: Austronesian languages--Syntax
Publisher: Foʼondo Book House
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publisher: Canberra : Dept. of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University
Publisher: Canberra : Pacific Linguistics
Publisher: Fo'ondo, North Malaita, Solomon Islands : Fo'ondo Book House
Title: A comparative study of the Melanesian Island languages
Title: A dictionary of Toqabaqita (Solomon Islands)
Title: A grammar of Toqabaqita
Title: A journey through Austronesian and Papuan linguistic and cultural space : papers in honour of Andrew Pawley
Title: A survey of reading ability among the Toʼabaita speakers of Malaita
Other coverage: Solomon Islands
Other coverage: Austronesische Sprachen
Other date: 1980
Other date: 1926
Other date: 1949
Other date: 1978
Other date: 1982
Other format: unmediated
Other format: volume
Other format: Abbyy GZ
Other format: Animated GIF
Other format: DjVu
Other rights: Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Other rights: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Other subject: To'abaita language
Other subject: Austronesian languages
Other subject: Primers
Other subject: Teacher's guides
Other subject: Anthropological linguistics
Other type: text