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Toji Du'a (speaker)
Sophune, Pidhu (Ebbe) (recorder)
Danerek, H. Stefan (researcher)
Danerek, H. Stefan (depositor)
Genre: Medicine/huru: Mama Toji, kampong Cu'a ca, tells about her mother-in-law's 'huru dhelo-bara', or actually 'huru dhou'' (huru forest eggplant), which more refers to the cure, whereas the first refers more to the disease. To find out if the disease-and-cure "belong" to her (if it is the 'huru' that she can cure and ot another person's), Lengga, from same village, would take one piece of 'puthe ho' (plant, or same as the 'dhou' forest eggplant), pierce it and wait to see if it becomes 'dhemba', like sink, shrink together, before two days. If it does and the patient's afflicted testicle then is relieved/less swollen – it is 'huru dhou' ("huru forest egg plant). Then she would pierce a forest egg plant, if it also shrivelled/shrank, then the testicle would follow. He pierced the plants/fruits with a machete and kept it for a day or two, to observe if the patient's testicles followed the behaviour of the eggplant. Finally Lengga would 'ngiru' straight at the testicle, with areca, betel, five paddy grains, and forest eggplant. Symptoms are not, or Toji just does not mention it, caused by a curse to protect crops from theft. When people exhibit the symptoms of this disease, they come to the curer, Lengga. Toji does not practise it, no need. She ony does 'huru bole', which there is plenty of use for. Symptoms: one testicle ('wuthu'/'wotho', 'delo') swell and ache. 'bhulu wa'o' in cure. Notes: siwe (assume chewed, not just laid or thown), dhou (huru delo bara/huru dhou. Lengga–Toji Du’a hinane) puthe ho (unknown, or means eggplant dhou) used in test followed by eggplant test before application. Cure: chew with dhou and apply at ball.
Region: Palu'e, Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. Recording made in kampong Cu'a, Cu'a domain.
Content language:
Subject language:
Language family:
Central Malayo-Polynesian
Linguistic type:
Primary text
DCMI type:
Other format:
digital wav file recorded at 48 khz/24 bit
eaf file
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Archive: Kaipuleohone
Online: Yes
Subject language: Palu'e
Language family: Austronesian
Language family: Central Malayo-Polynesian
Language family: Malayo-Polynesian
Geographic region: Asia
Country: Indonesia
Linguistic type: Primary text
DCMI type: Sound
DCMI type: Text
Content language: Palu'e
Date: 2000 and later
Date: 2010 - 2019
Contributor: Danerek, H. Stefan
Contributor: Sophune, Pidhu (Ebbe)
Contributor: Toji Du'a
Title: SD1-268
Other format: 0:03:14
Other format: digital wav file recorded at 48 khz/24 bit
Other format: eaf file