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Story Prep -- FU0100 -- Documenting Lemo, a Dialect of Bai spoken in the Nujiang Valley of YunnaDocumenting Lemo, a Dialect of Bai spoken in the Nujiang Valley of Yunnan Province, Chinan Province, China
Story Prep -- FU0100 -- Documenting Lemo, a Dialect of Bai spoken in the Nujiang Valley of YunnaDocumenting Lemo, a Dialect of Bai spoken in the Nujiang Valley of Yunnan Province, Chinan Province, China
Xie Fujin (speaker)
Xia Guangdong (speaker)
Gan Sancai (speaker)
Yang Xiaoxia (recorder)
Gao (depositor)
Jingqi Fu
St. Mary's College of Maryland
This is filmed in the hotel room of the researcher at Liuku, the seat of Nu Autonomous Prefecture, on June 24,2018. The three Bani participants, Xie Fujin, Xia Guangdong and Gan Sancai are discussing and practicing the stories to be told later. Yang and Fu are recording the discussion using Sony Camcorder Fdr-ax100 4k and Zoom H2N.
Lemo is considered a Northern Branch of the Bai language. It is spoken by 12,000 people in the Nujiang Valley of the Yunnan Province in China. Lemo culture and language faces a decline due to the encroachment of Lisu and Mandarin Chinese. The current project aims at working with the Language Community to document its language in its dynamic daily uses and cultural performances. It will produce a working orthography, a language learning manual, partially annotated digital audio and video materials that represent the cultural and linguistic practices, a dictionary, and a sketch grammar.
Xie Fujin is a retired doctor and is the preseident of Bani Association. He is from Jinman village.
Xia Guangdong originally is from Jinman village, but has moved to live in Dananmao for several decades. He does various jobs including yardwork. In his spare time he is a shaman and performs rituals at the funerals or families.
Gan Sancai is retired. He is originally from Gejia village
Lead researcher
Gao is a post-doc in linguistics. He specializes in big data analysis. For the project he helps with all technical aspects, including depositing, designing software for the ease of transcription.
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Mandarin Chinese
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Contributor: Katia Chirkova
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Contributor: 王学才
LCSH subject: China--Yunnan--Statistics
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LCSH subject: Chinese language--Dialects--China--Yunnan
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LCSH subject: Mandarin dialects--China--Kʿun-ming shih
Publisher: Central University of Nationalities
Publisher: Jinfang Li
Publisher: Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale
Publisher: Chenglong Huang
Publisher: Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
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Title: Personal narratives
Title: words explained
Title: Local plants
Title: Monkey borrowing a book
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