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Address by Wu Decai's mother
Address by Wu Decai's mother
Ancienne cote: crdo-CHK_DUOXU542
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Chirkova, Katia (depositor)
Chirkova, Katia (researcher)
Wu Decai (consultant)
Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale
Elan annotation file for the audio file with the same name. Double checked with Wu Decai in October 2015
Content language:
Mandarin Chinese
Subject language:
Mandarin Chinese
Language family:
Linguistic type:
Primary text
DCMI type:
Related resource:
Other language:
Chinese, Mandarin
Other rights:
Copyright © Katia Chirkova
Freely available for non-commercial use
Other subject:
Chinese, Mandarin
Travail domestique
household tasks
Other type:
Récit personnel
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Online: Yes
Subject language: Ersu
Subject language: Mandarin Chinese
Subject language: Chinook jargon
Subject language: Khams Tibetan
Subject language: English
Language family: Sino-Tibetan
Language family: Tibeto-Burman
Language family: Chinese
Language family: North American Indian
Language family: Indo-European
Geographic region: Asia
Geographic region: Americas
Geographic region: Europe
Country: China
Linguistic type: Primary text
Linguistic type: Language description
Linguistic field: Phonetics
DCMI type: Sound
DCMI type: Text
DCMI type: MovingImage
DCMI type: Collection
DCMI type: Dataset
Format: audio/x-wav
Format: text/xml
Format: video/mp4
Format: text/plain
Format: text/html
License: CC by-nc-nd
License: Other
Content language: Ersu
Content language: Mandarin Chinese
Content language: English
Content language: Shixing
Date: 2000 and later
Date: 2010 - 2019
Date: 1950 - 1999
Date: 1970 - 1979
Contributor: Chirkova, Katia
Contributor: Katia Chirkova
Contributor: Han Zhengkang (韩正康)
Contributor: Wang Dehe
Contributor: Wang Min
Publisher: Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale
Publisher: CNRS-CRLAO
Publisher: Katia Chirkova
Publisher: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
Publisher: SIL International
Title: Musical dialogue 3
Title: Flood story
Title: Monkey borrowing a book
Title: A fox and a quail
Title: Address by Wu Decai's mother
Other coverage: China
Other coverage: Asia, China, Sichuan, Ganluo County
Other coverage: France
Other coverage: Asia, China, Sichuan, Mianning County
Other coverage: Asia, China, Sichuan, Mianning County, Liangshan Yi, Xichang
Other date: 2017-06-18
Other date: 2017-06-13
Other date: 2017-06-15
Other date: 2017-06-16
Other date: 2017-03-19
Other format: audio/x-wav
Other format: text/x-eaf+xml
Other format: text/x-pfsx+xml
Other format: video/avchd
Other format: application/pdf
Other language: Ersu
Other language: Chinese, Mandarin
Other language: Duoxu
Other language: Lizu
Other language: Xumi
Other rights: Freely available for non-commercial use
Other rights: Copyright © Katia Chirkova
Other subject: Chinese, Mandarin
Other subject: Duoxu
Other subject: Ersu
Other subject: Lizu
Other subject: Narrative
Other type: Audio
Other type: Chansons
Other type: Narration
Other type: Video
Other type: Elicitation