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The Genesis Story -- hru_1085_genesis_annotated -- Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh
The Genesis Story -- hru_1085_genesis_annotated -- Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh
Richon Dususow (consultant)
Rufom Jebisow (consultant)
Vijay D'Souza (recorder)
Vijay D'Souza
University of Oxford
Ĝutsoñ (Ruchon) Dususow is among the senior-most women in Buragon, and is widely considered to be one of the most knowledgeable on Hrusso Aka language. When I approached her for a recording during my fieldwork in August 2014, she chose to narrate the biblical creation story. This recording, with her narrating and another elder lady, Rufom, listening, is an interesting rendering of the story, using the Hrusso Aka conceptual framework, idioms and poetic style. The narration, while following the general outline of the original biblical story, also reflects her own internalisation of it over the past thirty years or so as a Christian. She follows the typical structure of a Hrusso Aka mythological narrative: The initial supplication, the main narration, aetiological explanations, and finally, the conclusion, which as usual is an exhortation. Linguistically speaking, apart from being one more example of a mythological narrative language, it has numerous instances of the aspectual suffix -külye /kɯʎe/, several imperatives, and illustrates the use of the zero TAM morphemes on the verb stem in the context of narrative speech. The text is also interesting as an example for the minimal or no use of the clause-final particles due to the lack of a particular addressee. (These will be discussed in my forthcoming thesis) As I have noted on other occasions, the expressionless faces and the serious demeanours of the ladies in the frame indicate neither self-consciousness nor camera-phobia (although these are not completely ruled out). This is how most people in this culture talk and listen to each other on formal situations. Narrating a sacred story is a formal situation and calls for a respectful demeanour which is visible here. Recording conditions: This was recorded in somewhat noisy village surroundings, at Rufom's (the lady sitting with Ruchon) house. Some background talk, occasional crowing of a rooster, and on careful listening, constant bass thuds of a music system at a distance can be heard. Recording equipment: Sony PJ540 video camera for video, and one Audio Technica 803B Omnidirectional lapel microphone on each participant. The sound was separately recorded on Marantz 661 MKII and mixed with the video later using windows movie maker. The original video was compressed to ELAR requirements using Handbrake. Original recording settings: Stereo with 44.1 KHz sampling rate. Video filming and framing: Due to low light conditions the video is grainy. Against the current practice of language documentation, there is some zooming during the recordings - I was new to language documentation and yet to learn that zooming on the face and leaving out gestures isn't a good idea! ELAN transcription: In progress. Do not use till further notice.
Born into Koro Aka family, married into Dususow clan at a young age.
Born in Karnataka, India. Working in Northeast India since 1999. Involved with Hrusso Aka orthography development and language support since 1999. Currently doing PhD in linguistics at University of Oxford, UK. Thesis: A Grammar of Hrusso Aka.
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Oral literature
Biblical narratives
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Geographic region: Asia
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Contributor: Richon Dususow
Contributor: Rufom Jebisow
Contributor: Vijay D'Souza
Publisher: University of Oxford
Publisher: Vijay D'Souza
Title: The Genesis Story -- hru_1085_genesis_annotated -- Documentation and Description of the Hrusso Aka Language of Arunachal Pradesh
Other coverage: India
Other date: 2014-08-26
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