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Adzoyo (consultant)
Rebecca (researcher)
Yao (consultant)
The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
This task was designed by Rebecca during the field trip. One person (the director) watches a short video and the other person (the matcher) has a series of still pictures representing events that happen during the film (with descriptions written on them in Avatime). The two participants sit facing the same direction with a screen between them so neither can see what the other is doing but they can talk. The researcher makes sure that the matcher understands the pictures they have and their descriptions. Then instructs them that the matcher has this set of pictures which are things that happen in the film that the director saw but that they are in the wrong order. So the matcher must ask the director questions in order to determine the correct order of the pictures. Once the matcher has decided on an order, the screen is lifted and the director looks to see if the order is correct and they discuss where they might have gone wrong. In this case Da Adzo watched the pear film and Fo Yao arranged the pictures. He seemed to ask only if something had happened or not and then put it in the order that he asked rather than doing any rearranging based on the responses. At the end Da Adzo came and they rearranged a couple but the order was still very different to the order in the film. The order that Fo Yao ended up with was: 1. Onyime egu pearya ni oselome (the man picks pears from the tree) 2. Onyime abamɔ si yɛ pearya bɛlịla (the man sees that the pears a gone) 3. Onyime enye pearya kpɛ kasɔyamɛ (the man pours pears into the basket) 4. Banɔ tiaba bɛta pearya kpɛ kasɔyamɛ (two people put pears into the basket) 5. Benyime tiata bɛza ni ɔkɛ aba (three boys pass in front of the man) 6. ɔkɛ ani ɔgɛ bɛza kasɔyaba (a man and a goat pass in front of the basket) 7. Onivue efeke pearya trɔ ni yɛ gasɔyaba (the boy picks up the pears and puts them on his bike) 8. Benyime tiata bɛŋa pearya (three boys eat pears) 9. Onivue awɔlị gasɔyaba (the boy falls from his bike) 10. Onivue likutole lịwɔlị (the boy's hat falls) 11. Onivue amɔ likutole ni kɛsa (a boy sees the hat on the ground) 12. Onivue akɔ likutole ki yɛnimiye (the boy takes the hat and gives it to his friend) 13. Onivue akpɛ gasɔyɛ za ni yenenimidzɛ (the boy and his bike pass the girl) There is a transcription but it isńt typed.
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Archive: The Language Archive
Online: Yes
Subject language: Avatime
Subject language: English
Language family: Atlantic-Congo
Language family: Germanic
Language family: Indo-European
Language family: Niger-Kordofanian
Geographic region: Africa
Geographic region: Europe
DCMI type: MovingImage
DCMI type: Sound
Content language: Avatime
Content language: English
Contributor: Adzoyo
Contributor: Rebecca
Contributor: Yao
Publisher: The Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Title: sequencing_AB-WO_2
Other coverage: Ghana
Other format: audio/x-wav
Other format: video/x-mpeg2
Other language: Avatime
Other language: English
Other subject: Avatime
Other subject: English