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Wine // Вино -- AVK_GIK_wine -- Documentation of Negidal, a nearly extinct Northern Tungusic language of the Lower Amur
Wine // Вино -- AVK_GIK_wine -- Documentation of Negidal, a nearly extinct Northern Tungusic language of the Lower Amur
A.V. Kazarova (speaker)
G.I. Kandakova (speaker)
A.V. Kazarova (translator)
B. Pakendorf (annotator)
B. Pakendorf (depositor)
Brigitte Pakendorf
DDL, CNRS & Université Lyon 2
This recording was planned ahead of time – after the very first recording Antonina Kazarova had thought that she might be able to speak better and more fluently if she had a Negidal conversation partner, and she had then suggested Galina Kandakova. AVK had wanted to tell the story of how she and GIK had wanted to drink some wine, but didn't have a bottle opener and had taken a nail and hammer – with the result that the bottle broke and all the wine flowed out on the floor. So GIK came to AVK's house; at first they just sat and discussed what they could talk about, remembering various anecdotes, then we recorded the little story about the wine bottle, but not any of the others – with GIK actually doing most of the talking. Recorded by Brigitte Pakendorf with a Marantz PMD660 solid state recorder and an AKG 1000 S microphone, in mono, and a Panasonic HC-V707EG-K video camera on a little tripod on a stool set up in the middle of the room in order to show both speakers. About 11 seconds were trimmed off the beginning of the video file with Avidemux (to cut off a coughing fit); the alignment in ELAN was done with the trimmed video and the audio extracted from that. The original audio, which is higher quality, is archived in addition. Transcribed by Brigitte Pakendorf, transcription checked and Russian translation provided by Antonina Kazarova, glossed by Brigitte Pakendorf, questions clarified with Galina Kandakova. // Антонина Васильевна Казарова и Галина Ивановна Кандакова вспоминают забавный случай, когда они пытались открыть бутылку красного вина гвоздем с молотком.
This project focuses on the documentation of Negidal, a highly moribund Northern Tungusic language spoken by at most a handful of individuals on the Amgun’ and Lower Amur rivers in the Russian Federation. The language comprises two dialects, Upper and Lower Negidal, of which the latter might already be extinct. The project will result primarily in an extensive corpus of interlinearized texts from the Upper dialect together with accompanying audio recordings.
AVK worked as a kindergarten and primary school teacher, and since ~1985 as a teacher of Negidal for children for whom this is L2.
Worked as a librarian and in the village "club" (the venue for all cultural activities).
Linguist working on previously collected data.
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Archive: Endangered Languages Archive
Online: Yes
Subject language: English
Subject language: Negidal
Subject language: Russian
Language family: Altaic
Language family: Germanic
Language family: Indo-European
Geographic region: Europe
Contributor: A.V. Kazarova
Contributor: B. Pakendorf
Contributor: G.I. Kandakova
Publisher: Brigitte Pakendorf
Publisher: DDL, CNRS & Université Lyon 2
Title: Wine // Вино -- AVK_GIK_wine -- Documentation of Negidal, a nearly extinct Northern Tungusic language of the Lower Amur
Other coverage: Russia
Other date: 2017-03-04
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