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Interview with the women working at Sinchi Warmi -- in_03072013 -- Documentation of Tena Kichwa
Interview with the women working at Sinchi Warmi -- in_03072013 -- Documentation of Tena Kichwa
Karolina Grzech (researcher)
Betty Chimbo (consultant)
Aida Rivadeneira (consultant)
Sonia Chimbo (consultant)
Nelly Chimbo (consultant)
Melissa Chimbo (consultant)
Karolina Grzech
SOAS, University of London
This project is a part of PhD dissertation fieldwork, supported by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (IGS00166). The dissertation itself will focus on evidentiality in the language, but the documentation aims to encompass as broad a set of linguistic and cultural practices as possible. Most interviews were carried out by native Kichwa researchers, and are therefore monolingual in Kichwa. The topics addressed cover the recent history of the Amazonian Kichwa, folktales, everyday life and ceremonies.
This bundle definitely has a very low level of spontaneity. I was planning on recording some sort of conversation between the women, more like a focus group, but it didn't work out like that. I probably wasn't very clear about what I expected, but than again I didn't want to direct them too much, and just wanted to see what they would come up with. What they wanted out of it is a video that they could put on for tourists when there is nothing else to do, so those recordings are directed at a sort of a foreign audience, and the setting was made very formal, too - all the women changed into maki kutuna, and put on the jewellery they themselves had made. In in_03072013_03, the first five minutes when Melissa talks are all in Spanish, and only after that another lady hesitantly takes over in Kichwa. For now, the bundle includes recordinga _01, _02 and _04, where Betty, Aida and Sonia speak, respectively. Camera: CanonXA10, microphones: Rode NTG2, AT825 Lavalier (main)
Main researcher on the project
She works with her sister at the Sinchi Agua Center
Works at Sinchi Agua Center
She works at the indigenous community centre Sinchi Warmi, of which she is a co-founder
Her native language is Spanish, she knows Kichwa to an extent, and some German (her partner is German, and she's spent some time in Germany)
Subject language:
Tena Lowland Quichua
Language family:
Quechuan (family)
South American Indian
Other coverage:
Other date:
Other format:
Other subject:
Staged discourse
Tena Kichwa
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Archive: Endangered Languages Archive
Online: Yes
Subject language: Spanish
Subject language: Tena Lowland Quichua
Language family: Quechua
Language family: Quechuan (family)
Language family: South American Indian
Geographic region: Americas
Geographic region: Europe
Contributor: Aida Rivadeneira
Contributor: Betty Chimbo
Contributor: Karolina Grzech
Contributor: Melissa Chimbo
Contributor: Nelly Chimbo
Publisher: Karolina Grzech
Publisher: SOAS, University of London
Title: Interview with the women working at Sinchi Warmi -- in_03072013 -- Documentation of Tena Kichwa
Other coverage: Ecuador
Other date: 2013-07-03
Other format: audio/x-wav
Other format: text/x-eaf+xml
Other format: video/mp4
Other subject: Discourse
Other subject: Spanish
Other subject: Staged discourse
Other subject: Tena Kichwa
Other type: Audio
Other type: Video