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Subject 102 -- Subject 102
Subject 102 -- Subject 102
102 (consultant)
Nanda Poulisse
Each subject carried out four different tasks. Task I was a concrete picture description task. The subject was shown photographs of 40 objects. Pretests had revealed that even highly proficient learners of English did not know the conventional English names for 20 of theses objects (e.g. 'flyswat', 'abacus', 'stilts'). The other 20 objects were included dummies (e.g. 'door', socks') to encourage the subjects. The photographs were presented in random order. The subject was asked to look at them one-by-one and to make clear in English what object he saw, either naming it, or in any other way. He/she was asked to do this in such a way that an Englishman who would later listen to the recordings of it, would be able to identify the object. Task II was an abstract picture description task. For this task 12 of the figures used in various experiments on referential communication in L1 by Krauss and his associates were selected (cf. Glucksberg, Krauss & Higgins, 1975; Krauss & Glucksberg, 1977 for overview articles). As these figures were so complex that native speakers, too, would have problems in describing them, this task was extremely suitable for obtaining comparable L1 data. For this reason, each subject was asked to conduct the task first in Dutch and then in English. The instructions were similar to those in task I. Task III was a story retell task. The subjects were asked to listen to recordings of five ten-line stories in Dutch. After each story they were asked to retell it in English. They were given pictures to accompany the stories to make sure they would not omit any essential details. The first of the stories served as a practice story and has not been described.Task IV was a 20 minute interview on everyday topics such as school, holidays, cooking and sports, with a native speaker of English.
The subjects are 15 second-year university students of English, 15 5-VWO pupils and 15 3-VWO pupils (see table 1). VWO is a Dutch type of secondary school education which prepares pupils for entrance into a university. All subjects are native speakers of Dutch learning English as a foreign language.
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Archive: The Language Archive at the MPI for Psycholinguistics
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Title: Subject 102 -- Subject 102
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