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Preparing meal -- CSBG7feb8
Preparing meal -- CSBG7feb8
Connie de Vos (researcher)
SS (speaker)
RS (speaker)
P2 (speaker)
PU (speaker)
SK (speaker)
Sn (speaker)
P3 (speaker)
Connie de Vos
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
In this recording multiple deaf signers have gathered in SK and SN's garden. They are chatting and preparing food.
The first language acquisition setting in Bengkala is rather distinct from urban signing communities in which 90-95% of deaf children are estimated to be born to hearing parents that do not (initially) know how to sign. By contrast, the deaf children who are the focus of this study have deaf parents, deaf grandparents, older deaf siblings, and deaf uncles, aunts, and cousins, and lives in a compound with many fluent hearing adults and children. As a result, the children learn to sign in an environment which is rich in sign language input in comparison to most deaf children that grow up in urban signing communities. In terms of linguistic input, the sociolinguistic setting in which deaf children in deaf villages acquire sign language is thus remarkably similar to that in which hearing children acquire spoken languages. As such, the study of first language acquisition of village sign languages may inform our understanding of the effects of modality – the medium of language – in the domain of acquisition irrespective of additional factors such as the diversity and amount of linguistic input. In the Kata Kolok child signing subproject deaf children growing up in a rich signing environment are recorded every 2 weeks if possible. Recordings are made at their homes or other familiar places within the village with caregivers (parents, siblings) and other people (e.g. hearing but fluently signing neighbours). During the project a few hearing children who grow up in deaf families were also recorded.
SS is playing with several hearing chlidren living in the same compound.
This signer grew up as a homesigner in a different village. She did not meet other signers until she got married. She has one daughter with Down syndrome toghether with PA.
Signer was married to an Indonesian Sign Language user for a short while, and for this reason has limited knowledge of the language.
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Kata Kolok
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Archive: The Language Archive at the MPI for Psycholinguistics
Online: No
Subject language: Karata
Language family: Caucasian
Geographic region: Europe
Contributor: Connie de Vos
Contributor: Ketut Kanta
Contributor: P2
Contributor: P3
Contributor: PU
Publisher: Connie de Vos
Publisher: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Title: Preparing meal -- CSBG7feb8
Other coverage: Indonesia
Other date: 2008-02-07
Other format: DV
Other format: text/x-eaf+xml
Other subject: Conversation
Other subject: Discourse
Other subject: Kata Kolok